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Civil War Memorabilia


"If you don't have my army supplied, and keep it supplied, we'll eat your mules up, sir"

For four long years, the conflict raged across our still-young country and killed hundreds of thousands of our citizens.  The historical importance of this conflict is why so many people work to recreate the events with Civil War costumes and other Civil War memorabilia, all available from Movie Replicas Direct.  Whether you're looking for Civil War replicas for a gift or want to wear an authentic Civil War costume to the reenactments, we offer a fantastic selection of items.

We know how difficult it can be to buy the right pieces for Civil War costumes, and our dedicated staff is here to help.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 888.698.7767 (9AM-5PM M-F).  Unlike other online vendors who sell Civil War replicas, we are able to provide you with the customer support you want with the prices you need.  Our FlexPay option makes it easy to afford Civil War costumes and other items, and you can get gift certificates for your favorite Civil War buff!

Our fun selection of Civil War Accessories products include: Civil War Money - 18 Notes, Old West Jailer's Handcuff Replicas, Old West Leg Cuffs Leg Cuff Replicas, Western Ball 'n Chain with Leg Cuff Replica, Old West Brass Jailer's Keys Replicas, Civil War Union Blue Water Canteen Replica, Civil War Confederate Grey Canteen Replica, Civil War Brass Pocket Compass Replica, Civil War C.S.A Rectangular Belt Buckle Replica, Civil War US Oval Enlisted Belt Buckle Replica, Civil War C.S. Enlisted Oval Belt Buckle Replica Jonah Hex Style, Civil War Confederate CSA Rectangular Belt Buckle, Civil War Enlisted Belt Leather Replica, Civil War 1851 Officer's Rectangular Belt Buckle Replica, Civil War Confederate Officer's C.S.A Rectangular Belt Buckle Replica, Civil War Tin Plated Cup - Mug Replica, Civil War Confederate C.S. Officer's Belt Buckle Replica, Civil War Belt with Strap Replica, Civil War Belt Buckle Replica for Belt MRD16-A31, Civil War Confederate Grey Kepi Cap Replica, Civil War Union Blue Kepi Cap Replica, Civil War Confederate CSA Officer's Kepi with Braid, Civil War US Union Officer's Kepi with Braid, Confederate Slouch Hat Replica, Civil War Union Soldier Slouch Hat, Civil War Holster, Civil War Officer's Hat Cord, Civil War Gold Hat Cord, Civil War General Custer's 7th Cavalry Insignia, Civil War Officer's Sword Knot, Civil War Cavalry Insignia, Civil War Union US Hat Pin, Civil War CSA Hat Pin, Civil War Brass Cavalry Insignia for Kepi, Civil War Officer's Spurs, Civil War Antiqued 7th Cavalry Bugle, Civil War Union Cavalry Bugle, Civil War Sword Hanger, Civil War Confederate Flag Lapel Pin, Old West Model 1883 Gatling Gun, Civil War Gettysburg Battlefield Map on Aged Parchment, Gettysburg Address on Aged Parchment, Civil War Battlefield Map on Aged Parchment, Gettysburg Address Cannon Set, Weapons of the Civil War Aged Parchment, Civil War Era Newspapers Replicas, Leather Universal Sword Belt
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