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Diamond Select

Diamond Select
Movie Replicas Direct is proud to offer the Diamond Select Toy Line!

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., the parent company of Diamond Select Toys, was established in 1982 to provide comic book specialty retailers with wholesale, non-returnable comic books and related merchandise. After more than 20 years of service, Diamond has emerged as the world's largest distributor of English-language versions of these items, with a network of strategically located distribution centers throughout the world. Diamond’s huge selection of quality products encompasses a broad range of properties and genre. This company truly offers “something for everybody”!

Our fun selection of Diamond Select products include: Marvel Select Juggernaut Action Figure, Marvel Select Thor Action Figure, Ghostbusters Slimer Bank, Marvel Select Wolverine Brown Edition Action Figure, Back to the Future III Rail Ready Time Machine Vehicle, Star Wars Slave 1 Vehicle Bank, Star Trek USS Enterprise Bottle Opener, Ghostbusters Gozer Dog Light-Up Statue, Ghostbusters Light-Up Slimer Statue, Marvel Select Avengers Movie Enemy Action Figure, Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man Movie Action Figure, Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man Movie Lizard Action Figure, Amazing Spider-Man Movie Spider-Man Bust, Bettie Page Girl Of Dreams Dave Stevens Mini Statue, Marvel Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener, Marvel Select Magneto Action Figure with Helmet, Justice League Aquaman New 52 Action Figure, Justice League Green Lantern New 52 Action Figure, Justice League Aquaman New 52 Action Figure, Ghostbusters ECTO-1 License Plate Replica, Expendables 2 Action Figure Set of 3, Star Trek Klingon Disruptor, Marvel Select Barbarian Hulk Action Figure, Hanna Barbera History Collection Zandor 3 3/4In Figure, Star Wars R2-D2 Bottle Stopper, Marvel Select Ultron Action Figure, Expendables 2 Barney Ross 7 Inch Action Figure, Marvel Select Red Incredible Hulk Action Figure, Star Trek Original Series Communicator & Science Tricorder 2-Pk, Marvel Select Thing Action Figure, Star Trek All Good Things Enterprise D Ship, Star Trek Landing Party Roleplay 3-Pack, Marvel Select Thanos Action Figure, Star Trek Nemesis Enterprise E Ship, Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise D Ship, Knight Rider Knight License Plate Replica, Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan Enterprise, Star Trek Original Series USS Enterprise NCC-1701 HD Ship, Star Wars Han In Carbonite Bottle Opener, Marvel Minimates Iron Man 3 Series 49 Assortment, Marvel Minimates Series 52 Set of 8, Munsters Select Hot Rod Herman Action Figure, Munsters Select Hot Rod Lily Action Figure, Munsters Select Hot Rod Grandpa Action Figure, Munsters Select PX Uncle Gilbert Action Figure, Munsters Select Herman Munster Action Figure, Munsters Select Lily Munster Action Figure, Munsters Select Grandpa Munster Action Figure, Star Trek First Contact Enterprise E Ship, Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Bank, Star Trek The Original Series Enterprise Minimate Vehicle, Marvel Select Thor Classic Action Figure, Walking Dead Comic Board Game, Marvel Select Thor 2 Thor Action Figure, Marvel Select Thor 2 Jane Foster Action Figure, Marvel Select Iron Man Action Figure, Marvel Select Storm Action Figure, Marvel Select Black Cat Action Figure, Marvel Select Cyclops Action Figure, Star Trek Undiscovered Country Excelsior Ship, Marvel Select Silver Surfer Action Figure, Marvel Select Black Widow Action Figure, Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Action Figure with Base, Universal Monsters Black And White Creature Bust Bank, Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Action Figure, Marvel Select Elektra Action Figure
About Movie Replicas Direct Pre-Orders
What is a Pre-Order?

A pre-order is an order that allows you to purchase an item that is coming soon. These coming soon items will be marked as “Pre-Order” and will have an expected release date. The release dates are set up by the manufacturer and are subject to change.

Why Pre-Order an item?

Pre-Order pricing is locked in at the price you purchased a product for. If the price goes up you are locked in.

Next, your chances of getting a product is much greater with a pre-order. At times a limited edition or a hard to find items may sell out before they actually come into stock. Pre-ordering gives you a better chance to own your favorite pop culture statues, busts, action figures & collectibles at a lower risk of the possibly of not getting it at all. You may also face having to wait several months after its release, for it to become available again, if it comes into stock at all.

All pre-orders are on a first come first serve basis and are filled by the original order date. It is possible for an item to be sold out even as a Pre-Order due to limited supplies. Under no circumstances will we fill an order out of sequence. If merchandise becomes sold out you will be notified and refunded in full when refunds are applicable.

How will I be charged for my Pre-Order?

If you use a PayPal account, you will be charged in full at the time of purchase. All credit card / debit charge accounts will be charged at the time your Pre-Order ships. If the item is cancelled by our distributor or we are not able to allocate an item, we will notify you as soon as we find out. Please note that a charge may show up on your card immediately. This is not a charge, it is actually an authorization. Generally your statement shows the authorization as a pending transaction. The authorization is done by us, but funds are never taken from your bank or credit card company. This Authorization will drop off your card in 3 to 5 business days depending on how long your bank holds the funds. Your card will be billed at the time of shipment.

Your order will only be billed at the time the order is placed if a request is made. This can be done by adding your request to the comment area when ordering.

Does Movie Replicas Direct charge a restock fee for Pre-Order cancellations?

Yes, Movie Replicas Direct has the right to charge a restock fee of 10% for cancellations or returns.

When does my Pre-Order ship?

Each Pre-Order item has an expected “release date” and your Pre-Order will generally ship on or around that date. Please be aware that the manufacturer may change the release date, there by making the release and ship date change. Sometimes our site does not reflect the new date, but we will do our best to update the information, when we find something out.If a Pre-Order release date changes, we will ship the order on or around that new release date.

If I order in stock merchandise with my Pre-Order, when will the items ship? All items will ship together when your Pre-Order arrives. If you should need the in stock items to be shipped right away a second order should be placed. One containing the In Stock items and another with the Pre-Order items. Note: We must do this to help keep our shipping costs down.

What if a Pre-Order item is Pre-Order Sold Out?

If for any reason your merchandise becomes unavailable, we will credit to your PayPal account, if applicable. You will be contacted via email and your order will be cancelled.

Why would my Pre-Order be cancelled?

There may be times when we do not receive our entire allocation of a product from our Distributor. When this occurs, we fulfill orders based the oldest order date through the most recent order date (first come, first serve). Your order may be cancelled if we are not allocated enough merchandise to fulfill your order.

Our Distributors may choose to cancel a product line if pre-sales are low and could cancel a Pre-Ordered item or product line. If this occurs we will contact you, cancel your order, and credit your credit or PayPal account in full. Please be aware that we may offer an item as a Pre-Order, but we cannot guarantee the item will be made and cannot be held responsible if the Manufacturer decides to cancel a product or product line.

Diamond Select