German MP40 Sub-Machine Gun Non-Firing Replica

German MP40 Sub-Machine Gun Non-Firing Replica
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    Often incorrectly called the "Schmeisser"" (the designer of an MP-40 predecessor). Served the German armed forces through World War II and in many places throughout the world after WWII. It was the first Machine Pistol or Submachine Gun (as this type of weapon is called in this country) to make extensive use of stamped metal parts that not only greatly decreased production time, but lowered overall cost as well. Chambered in 9mm Luger caliber with a 32 round detachable box magazine with a folding metal stock it was ready for battle. Our all metal copy (except for the plastic grips and sides) is a full-size replica. The stock folds, the bolt can be cocked; the trigger works and the dummy magazine can be removed. You've seen this MP40 Sub-Machine Gun Replica in movies like Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford, Dirty Harry with Clint Eastwood, Valkyrie with Tom Cruise, The Godfather II with Al Pacino, Max Payne with Mark Wahlberg, James Bond with Sean Connery, just to name a few. This non-firing replica would make a great addition to any movie collectors collection. This MP-40 Sub-Machine Gun Replica has many features that makes this gun look so real. Like all Denix Weapons, this prop replica uses metal and contains movable parts and springs. The MP40 was developed in World War II and about a million MP40s were produced. The original MP40's design used stampings, and less strategically-important metals such as aluminum, but still managed to be lighter than it's predacessors because it avoided some of the heavier machined parts used in the production of the MP38. Order your MP40 Sub-Machine Gun from Denix and let Movie Replicas Direct deliver your sub-machine gun replica!

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    A few other Movies and TV the MP-40 appears in are: Firefly Mission: Impossible (TV Series) Thunderball Goldfinger From Russia with Love A Bridge Too Far Odessa File, The Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Dirty Harry Defiance Congo Dirty Dozen, The Omega Man, The Crocodile Dundee 2 Max Payne (2008) Great Escape, The Weaponology Professionals, The Valkyrie Return to Castle Wolfenstein Red Dwarf Mail Call La Femme Nikita To Hell and Back Longest Day, The Operation Thunderstorm Patton Sahara (1995) Bridge at Remagen, The Devil's Brigade, The Rocketeer, The Big Red One, The Carve Her Name With Pride Kochikame Mafia II Police Squad! Dukes of Hazzard, The (TV series) Godfather II, The (VG) X-Men Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Lock 'n Load With R. Lee Ermey Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Empires: Dawn of the Modern World Last Escape, The Charlotte Gray To Be or Not to Be (1983) Adventure, inc. Meet the Feebles  

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