The subject of brass vs steel blank is causing more and more concerns with our clients and in the blank gun industry.

Brass and steel would be the outer shell / casing. Blank casings are the covering you see when looking at an individual blank. The casings are the shiny part of the blank. Both types have same gun powder and plastic wading within the blank itself. The casing and wading is what remains after the blank is fired. Typically the wading is plastic and green in color, but may vary from brand to brand.

There are some major differences between the two types of blanks. Brass is generally gold in color and steel is more silver in color. Brass blanks have some give to them when fired, which allows the blank to absorb some of the recoil. It is said that brass blanks help slow the wear on your blank firing gun. Steel blanks are not a flexible and the theory is they do not absorb as much recoil causing extra wear on your blank firing gun.

Both types of blanks are the same with loudness, quality, and performance.

We recommend the brass blanks first. Brass blanks cost a little more, but they might be worth the additional cost.

Steel blanks are still a great alternative, but can cause additional wear on your blank firing gun.

It is always important to buy the correct blanks for correct blank gun. Also, beware of some cheaper blanks. They can cause misfires and damage your blank gun. Always remember to put safety first when using a blank gun.