British Brown Bess Musket Non-Firing Replica

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The Brown Bess... was standard issue for the British Armies in the 18th and 19th centuries. You've seen them in movies like the Patriot with Mel Gibson, Blazing Saddles with Gene Wilder, Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp, as well as Master and Commander with Russel Crow among many other films. We've sold many to theatrical and movie productions around the country. This classic Brown Bess British musket was used throughout the American Revolutionary War by both sides. The rifle has a full-length wood stock and heavy, realistic historic feel. The Brown Bess was one of the most renowned flintlock muskets ever produced. Introduced during the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1714), the gun was produced for over a century and was one of the most significant firearms of the American Revolutionary War. The Continental Army was armed with the weapon at the start of hostilities and, as the war progressed, many more were manufactured locally. The musket was still in British service at the time of the Napoleonic Wars in Europe (1799-1815). It weighed a hefty fifteen pounds with its bayonet and fired a ball three quarters of an inch in diameter! This non-firing version is accurately detailed and comes complete with its removable bayonet. Overall Length: 75 inches Weight: 7 Barrel Length: 45 inches These Brown Bess Musket Rifles are the same seen in the Sybil Ludington Movie. For more on the movie or to become a sponsor, please visit Sybil Lundington Moviefrom KICKS Flicks.

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