British Naval Cannon Miniature Replica

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The 18th Century British Naval Cannon Miniature Replica! Naval cannons were set up on several gun decks on the typical Man of War and the resulting attack from all the guns ship firing in unison is legendary. This 18th Century Naval cannon is a detailed replica of those used by the British Navy. It features a highly detailed 10 inch elevating barrel with real rope breeching for authenticity. It also has a real wood trunk carriage and rotating wheels. It was cannon like this which complemented the British seafaring ability, and helped them extend their dominance on the world stage of naval history. Barrel Length: 10" Product Height: 10 1/2" Product Length: 5" Product Width: 3 1/2" Overall Length: 10 3/4" Order your 18th Century British Naval Cannon Miniature Replica from Denix and let Movie Replicas Direct deliver your miniature cannon in the next few days