Captain America Civil War Iron Man Mark 46 ArtFX+ Statue

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Kotobukiya’s hit Marvel Comics ARTFX+ series has brought fans Avengers straight out of the comics, and now it returns to the big screen with the upcoming mega-blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. Two mighty characters start the new collection headlined by the brand new armor suit, IRON MAN MARK 46! The latest creation of Tony Stark (portrayed as always by Robert Downey Jr.), the Mk 46 incorporates all of the brilliant inventor’s cutting edge innovations, though it’s sadly brought to a conflict with fellow superhero Captain America. This brand new Iron Man suit is a perfect replica of the one you’ll see in the film, and it’s captured in a super cool battle pose as the Armored Avenger lunges forward and steadies his right arm for a repulsor ray blast! A direct descendant of previous suits like the Mark 43, the Mark 46 armor is a sleek war machine with interlocking armor plates, tons of technological details, and of course the awesome chest-mounted arc reactor and trademark faceplate. Of course, all of that is presented in gleaming red and gold with additional silver accents. Sculpted by the same master artist responsible for many of the Marvel ARTFX+ Statues, Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE), Iron Man Mark 46 stands just over 7 inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale). He fights hard for his ideals of justice and peace on a blasted urban landscape display base, and while he looks fantastic on his own he pairs with the new Captain America: Civil War Captain America ARTFX+ Statue to make a fierce battle scene! © MARVEL


  • Iron Man Mark 46 as seen from the movie Captain America: Civil War.
  • Sculpted and painted in detail from his mask, armor tech suit, down to the rubbled ground.
  • Iron Man poses with his right arm stretched out, ready to shoot at Captain America.
  • Bases for both Iron Man and Captain America can be combined together to form a battle scene.