Civil War CS Enlisted Antiqued Oval Belt Buckle Replica

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The Civil War CS Brass Antiqued Oval Belt Buckle reproduction has an overall length of 3 inches. This Confederate Belt Buckle is solid brass and lead filled. The back side of the buckle is also a reproduction of the old style belt buckles which feature 3 prongs laid out in a triangular fashion. These buckles have a brass finish and fit the old leather re-enactment type belt straps. There were numerous types of belts produced for the Confederate Military during the Civil War. There were two types of belts which were standard to all army personal. The CS, standing for Confederate States, and CSA belt, standing for Confederate States of America. The buckles themselves were made of brass and were produced in multiple plants in the South and throughout the World.. Whether the belt was one with a CS or CSA on the buckle depended on the location at which it was made and on the maker. Some Confederate soldiers were issued with, or otherwise obtained, belt buckles with insignias unique to the state they came from or served under the command of. At the beginning of the war, soldiers with experience in the U.S. Army could often be seen still wearing "US" belt buckles, as this would have been all that they had available. As supplies became more difficult to obtain near the end of the war, buckles captured from Union forces were also worn.