John Wayne Shotgun Stagecoach Replica LW Set

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The Coach Gun received its moniker on the stagecoach runs of the Wild West, when outlaws and Indians targeted lonely coaches on long and uncertain trails through difficult and often hostile territory. The need for effective security and defense was clearly established, the driver carrying a weapon that allowed for some leeway in accuracy as they bounced along the bumpy trails. This replica is attached to the rustic wood frame with two spring loaded barbed-wire hangers. The iconic portrait and signature of John Wayne are engraved in one corner of the frame and the Stagecoach, a tribute to one of the great John Wayne classics, is engraved below. The gun can easily be removed and replaced onto the frame. (Frame also available in dark stain, JW305D)


Length: 42" x 12.5"
Weight: 14 lbs.