Pirate Boarding Blunderbuss Non-Firing Replica

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The 18th Century Pirate Blunderbuss Boarding Rifle Antiqued Gray Replica! This is a massive boarding blunderbuss, measuring 26" in length. It's wide and intimidating barrel, loaded with nails, glass, shot, rocks, or anything else a pirate could get his hands on, would have a broad reach at close quarters. This replica blunderbuss features a flintlock mechanism and full wood stock and comes in either a brass or antique finish and features working parts.AAARgh Matey!! This pirate style large Blunderbuss features all full wood stock contruction, along with metal barrel and firing mechanism. This non firng replica offers real action for pulling the trigger of this flintlock replica. Overall Lenth is 26 inches. A beautifully detailed reproduction of the 18th century classic pirate style 26 inch boarding rifle. Our collector replicas are of the highest quality. Each piece is carefully weighed and measured to the exact specifications of the original. All of our replicas are crafted in Denix, Spain. This is not a firing gun. It is a decorator model which cannot be made to fire real ammunition.

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