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From Quantum Mechanix - QMX brings "The Map of the Verse is gorgeous and informative something any Browncoat is going to want but an absolute must-have for players of the Serenity Role Playing Game as it will give major guidance to players and Gamer Masters about where the planets and moons of this star cluster sit. The map is a gao guhn piece of art, and I can't wait to have one hanging on my office wall!" Jamie Chambers (author and designer, Serenity Role Playing Game) Two years in the making, The Complete and Official Map of the Verse is the first comprehensive guide to the worlds of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity. The map which is available in a Z-folded packet for easy reference or rolled for framing and display measures 25 x 38 inches and documents the location, relative sizes and names of the 215 terraformed worlds and moons, seven gas giants, seven protostars and five distinct star systems that comprise the star cluster known as The Verse. Literally thousand of pieces of information are contained in this stunningly beautiful design by Serenity Graphic Designer Geoffrey Mandel. It is as much a work of art as it is a visual guide of unparalleled detail. So much detail, in fact, the Map encompasses both sides of the 65 lbs heavy cover stock paper it's printed on. Here are just some of the questions the Map of the Verse answers: Why was Serenity Valley so important?
How can there be enough space for 215 livable worlds in one system? (Hint: There isn't.)
Could The Alliance have had some ulterior motive for conducting the Unification War, besides bringing civilization to The Border and Rim? (Hint: The Border and
Rim are really big. The Core not so much.)
How far is it from Londinium to Blue Sun?
Where is Persephone located that it would qualify as the "Gateway to the Verse"?
How could Serenity get from Haven to Miranda and then to Mr. Universe's moon without a wardrobe change? Dozens of experts of every stripe (science, design, production) started with the available reference from the series and movie and spent months building out from there. A schematic of the structure of the Verse was formed and then tested against storylines and other sources of continuity including the Dark Horse Serenity comics, the Serenity Role-Playing Game and even some fan-generated fiction. Once the Verse model was established, tested, modified, retested, modified again, and ultimately approved, Geoffrey Mandel, Serenity Graphic Designer (and also a key member of the research team), took row upon row of facts and figures and turned them into art. He transformed reams of information on suns, stellar classes, protosuns, planets, planetary masses, environments, relative distances and positions, trade routes, even secret (and not so secret) Alliance installations into something any Browncoat would be proud to display in their home. The Official Map of the Verse has been endorsed by Margaret Weiss Productions, makers of the Serenity Role Playing Game, as a "must-have" resource for Serenity RPGers. Available Z-folded (down to 9.5 by 12.5 inches) and inserted into a glassine envelope or hand-rolled and shipped in an archival tube. Map of the Verse Don't leave Earth That Was without it! Order your Serenity Official Map of the Verse (folded map) and let Movie Replicas Direct deliver your map replica in the next few days!