Anovos Star Trek Into the Darkness Black Emblem Undershirt

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Being Kirk's primary uniform during Star Trek: The Movie, this one piece undershirt is a long sleeve polyester cotton must have for any Star Trek Anovos tunic. Prominently seen on Kirk and underneath the uniforms of such key characters as Spock, McCoy, Sulu and Chekov, this top completes the look of the Star fleet uniform and also acts as its own costume piece with the faithfully accurate stitching and pressed emblem.Star Trek Undershirt Features:
  • The highest quality licensed Star Trek costume
  • Premium Fabrics and Construction faithfully replicate original production used costumes as seen in JJ Abram's Star Trek: The Movie & Into Darkness
  • Accurate patterns taken from screen used pieces
  • Cotton Polyester Tri-Blend Construction
  • Black, grey and white heathering carefully captured in dye job
  • Low sloping yoke line, uniquely different than conventional shirt

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