Star Trek Into the Darkness Scotty Replica Tunic

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Being re-imagined by J.J. Abrams, a younger Scotty shares much of the same characteristics as the classic beloved character. The same can be said about the expendability of the ?Red Shirts? in the new movie. Now you can share your appreciation for both these characters, embodied in the Lt. Commader Montgomery Scott Red Services Costume Tunic, offered by ANOVOS. From the finely tuned print process, to pattern matches to Zachary Quinto?s hero outfit, the final product was meticulously crafted, as if struck from the hands that invented clear aluminum. Now is the opportunity to purchase this outfit, because you won't be able to hold out much longer.The Engineers Tunic Features:
  • The highest quality licensed Star Trek costume
  • Premium Fabrics and Construction faithfully replicate original production used costumes as seen in JJ Abram's Star Trek: The Movie
  • Accurate patterns taken from screen used pieces
  • Jumbo Spandex with intricate pattern screened onto material
  • Exact gold color and sub dye pattern, and Captain's Braid Included
  • Great gift for that paritcularly detailed oriented enthusiast or collector

  • **Note: Black Undershirt and Command Badge Sold Separately
    **Note: Undershirt and Science Officer Badge Sold Separately

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