Stargate TV SG1 F302 Technical Spec Poster

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Samantha Carter: They're still analyzing the flight data recorder, but it looks like a 605-3 error.

General Hammond: Forgive me

Jack O'Neill: It's the one after 605-2, sir.

The F-302 is Earth's first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats. And now you can get up close and personal with this elite interceptor with the F-302 Technical Specifications Poster. The poster features high-resolution renderings of the F-302 taken directly from the CG files used to produce the visual effects on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. This marks the first time highly-detailed images of the F-302 have been published, and the poster shows off this beautiful ship from the top, bottom, side and front. Also included are call outs showing all the major systems and weapons on the ship. The F-302 Technical Specifications Poster measures 17 inches by 22 inches and is printed on 100-pound, satin-finished paper.