Cold Cast Porcelain Care

This article is to provide information which will help in the care and cleaning of your cold cast porcelain collectibles for years to come.

Your Cold Cast Porcelain collectibles are fragile, so take good care of them. Put them some place sturdy and safe out of direct sunlight. A well taken care of porcelain piece will last for generations.

One of the major issues a collector faces when displaying their cold cast porcelain piece is dust. Dust attracts oils and other contaminants from the air that will eventually cause discoloration if left unchecked.

How do you remove dust without destroying your precious porcelain pieces?

The first and very important step is to be sure to perform you cleaning over something soft like a blanket, or cushion of some sort in case you drop your porcelain piece. This step could save a lot of aggravation and money.

Cold-cast porcelain is coated with clear polyurethane. The best care for cold cast porcelain is to dust it with an untreated cloth, a small paint brush with soft bristles, or a feather.

  • DO NOT use cleaning chemicals on your piece. A single feather or small soft bristled paint brush is great for getting into those tight, hard to reach places.
  • DO NOT spray any types of dusting chemicals on wooden bases, because the chemical may splatter onto the sculpture itself.
  • DO NOT to touch your porcelain with oily or dirty hands and fingers. The oil and dirt will transfer to the piece.

  • To clean a dirty fingerprints from the cold cast porcelain, wipe it with a clean, white damp cloth (dampen with water, not chemicals). Cotton clothes seem to work best. Other types of material may leave fuzz type residue on your piece. If the stain is persistent, use a tiny bit of Ivory Liquid on the damp white cotton cloth, then wipe again with a clean damp white cloth, then wipe dry. Don't use anything colored on it as the color may bleed into your piece. Take special care never to display your cold-cast porcelain in direct sunlight as the sun will discolor and destroy your piece.