Batman Dark Knight Trilogy Bane Play Arts Kai Action Figure

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From Director Christopher Nolan's final chapter of the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, comes Batman as a 10" H Play Arts ~KAI~ action figure with alternate sets of hands, various weapons, and a display stand. Window box packaging. With tremendous physical strength and a brilliant intellect, Bane is a cold-blooded terrorist who won't spare any sort of sacrifice to execute his plans.He took control of Gotham City through violence and fear. Meticulously recreated to the finest details, from the eerie mask covering his face, his bulging muscles, the texture of his skin, to even the wrinkles in his clothing. Interchangeable with the clenched fists, open hands are included with the figure, and so it is possible to pose Bane as if he is shifting his weight, getting ready to attack.The Bane figure comes with a broken Batman cowl, so that you can recreate the famous scene in the movie. It?s as if you can feel the dreadfulness of the one who defeated the Batman.