Doctor Who 10th Doctor Series 4 Limited Collector Figure

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From BIG Chief Studios. BIG Chief Studios's all-new Tenth Doctor 1:6 Scale Collector Figure recreates the Doctor as he appeared in series four of Doctor Who. Featuring an all-new head sculpt of David Tennant, the Anatomix Standard Slim Male Body - with over 30 points of articulation - sports a blue pinstriped suit, with maroon shirt and patterned tie, socks, boots, and his trademark trench coat. Packed with accessories including the Doctor's trusty Sonic Screwdriver, spectacles and Psychic Paper Wallet, this all new version of the character also comes with a pair of sunglasses, the Adipose Detector and a single Adipose figurine. Comes with 8 interchangeable hands and a display base with illuminating Gallifreyan symbol and stand. Stands 12" tall.