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Sure, the “standard” Gallifreyan mode of dress is a bit...ornate, but I’ve always found that every Time Lord you meet could do with a nice coat, and I’ve taken a shining to this one. Partially, that’s because Janis Joplin gave it to me (great singer, that Janice), and partially because I look brilliant in it. I mean, have you seen the way this coat flaps about in the breeze when I run?

Because I tend to run a lot, honestly. It’s part of being a Time Lord, I’m afraid. That and dressing to impress. Speaking of which, my mates at AbbyShot have been generous enough to make an officially licensed replica of my coat in all its cinnamon-colored glory, and I’m proud to say that it’s as fine a piece of sartorial craftsmanship as can be found this side of the twentieth century. (Once you get to the twenty-third, on the other hand, things get pretty exciting. Take my word for it…)

Just like my coat, AbbyShot’s replica is made from a wool blend with a dark blue lining, not unlike a time-travelling police box you may or may not have seen. (Seriously though, have you seen it? I’m afraid the chameleon circuit has been acting up a bit lately, and I can’t figure out where it is…) In addition to the silky-smooth lining, the coat’s interior also features two welt pockets in a lovely satsuma color. On the outside, you’ll find two more pockets, as well as eight buttons, perfect for bundling yourself up on a cold morning.

You know what else this coat is perfect for? Tenth Doctor cosplay! I know you lot have been dressing up as me lately at your conventions, and I have to say I’m flattered. And people are dressing up as the TARDIS, which is just brilliant, really. Now if only I could figure out where the real TARDIS has scarpered off to...


  • All measurements are in Inches
  • The chart refers to the average measurements of the wearer, not the garment measurements.

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor's Coat - Sizing Chart

Size Small Medium Large XL XXL
Sleeve25 1/22626 1/22727
Finished Length5354545555

Measuring Instructions

Chest Circumference:

Measure all the way around your chest at its thickest point (just under your arms).

Waist Circumference:

Measure around your torso at belly button height, NOT at belt height.

Sleeve Length:

Measure from the outside tip of your shoulder, past your elbow, to your desired cuff length (keeping your arm slightly bent).

Finished Length:

Measure from the base of your neck (where the bottom of your collar would be), to the desired hemline of the bottom of the garment.