Eleventh Doctor's Purple Suspenders

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The Perfect Suspenders for Doctor Who Cosplay

Who doesn’t love a nice set of purple suspenders? (Or "braces" for those Anglophones reading.) Nobody! That’s who. Everyone loves suspenders, including everyone’s favorite madman in a blue box, me! The Doctor. (The eleventh Doctor, to be precise.) I’ve found these purple striped suspenders to be extremely handy for holding my trousers up while running away from Daleks, running towards the TARDIS--usually from Daleks--and just in general, really.

The four little silver clasps are crackerjack at attaching to your trousers, and the size-adjuster thingy at the back is absolutely brilliant. When I first got a look at these from AbbyShot, I was convinced they’d somehow gotten their hands on some 8th dimensional fabric-weaving techniques from the 32nd Century, but nope. It’s just great craftsmanship.

I’ve heard some people say these purple suspenders would be perfect for "Doctor Who cosplay," and I can’t help but point out my name isn’t, "Doctor Who." It’s just "the Doctor." All right, yes; I do find it a bit funny when I introduce myself as the Doctor, and they say, "Doctor Who?" and I get to say, "Exactly!" But it’s my name.

My real name is...ah, but you didn’t think I’d let it slip that easily, did you? If I could keep mum for hundreds of years in that town called Christmas, you didn’t really think I’d tell you my name online? I will tell you this, though: These suspenders come in three different sizes, which is pretty fantastic.

As is my real name ;)