Eleventh Doctor's Red Suspenders

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Complete your Eleventh Doctor costume!

Bow ties are cool. You know what else is cool? Red suspenders. I feel that I should point out to all of my British readers that I am referring to the American version of suspenders, not the British one. (Though those kind are pretty nifty as well, wink.) Not what we’re talking about, however.

No, these red suspenders are the ones designed to keep your trousers up, whether you’re busting out your best dance moves at the Pond family wedding (always like to shrug off nonexistence with a good conga line), running away from Prisoner Zero, or just hanging out with Vincent van Gogh.

Funnily enough, I find that people sometimes wonder how to wear suspenders, or braces for the rest of us--especially Rory. (Poor bloke could hardly find his shoes without me). So I’ll help you out. It’s what I do, after all. I’m the Doctor! To wear these fabulous red suspenders, simply fasten them to the back of your trousers, pull them over your shoulders, and fasten them to the front of your trousers. That’s it. Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt, and other people are various relations of some kind or another.

As for the braces themselves, they’re a nice burgundy/red color, with four metal clips so they grip tightly, and made from high quality elastic--perfect for twanging. I find they’re just the thing for punctuating a point. The back has a lovely embossed leather bit, and all in all, these suspenders are top-notch. Do you 21st century people still say "top-notch?" Or have you moved on to "furble-sticks?" I can never remember...