Fantasy Figure Gallery Boris Vallejo Discovery Statue

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"Uleena, look! There it is! You've been wandering these lands your entire life in search of The Citadel. You must go there to take up the throne and set things right in your family's kingdom. It's your destiny. Open your eyes, girl! It's right in front of us."
"No. Be silent, you mad fool. I don't see anything."
- Anthony Palumbo
Yamato USA presents the next installation in its Fantasy Figure Gallery: Discovery by Boris Vallejo as interpreted by sculptor Erick Sosa. Journey to distant lands in search of a hidden kingdom with Uleena and her companions here in this magnificent resin statue. Standing 11" tall with themed display base, this dioramic resin includes both female and monster figures. A discovery in its own right, Discovery by Boris Vallejo includes an art card and Certificate of Authenticity.