Firefly Independents Flag Replica

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Pledge Your Allegiance to the Good GuysWhen it comes to letting The 'Verse know which side you're on, there's no better way than with a big, bold banner. We have for you yet another relic of that early 26th century conflict ? the Unification War between the ruling Alliance and secessionists known as the Independents. This is the flag of the Independents Faction that no doubt waved amid the smoke and heat of the Battle of Serenity Valley. It is the flag of Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds, who fought alongside Corporal Zoe Alleyne. Measuring 60 inches wide x 30 inches high, our 100% polyester flag features the logo of the Independents Army: two horizontal strips with a dark blue five-point star on a rich sea of green. The star points upward as Firefly costume designer Shawna Trpcic intended, even though an upside-down version of the logo mistakenly appeared onscreen. Along with our Metal-Plated Mal Pistol Replica and Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags, you'll be spot-on for cosplay and extra shiny. Hoist your own Firefly Independents Flag!