German Walther Black PPK Non-Firing Replica Gun

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I know you can recognize this non-firing gun replica. You got it..."Bond" "James Bond"The unmistakable style PPK automatic, agent 007 uses in the James Bond movies. This non-firing replica will make a fine addition to anyone's 007 movie collection. Arguably, the most famous pistol of the 20th Century (1911 fans would disagree). The Walther PPK is used by fictional character James Bond and was used by real life madman Adolf Hitler to end his life in the Berlin bunker. Made from blackened steel with polymer grips, it's a full-size replica. The slide can be pulled back to cock the hammer and the trigger (works single action only), the magazine is detachable too. This light weight and easily concealable German Automatic was made famous by the British spy. In real life it was a very popular pistol among German officers that could get their hands on one. It is of metal construction and cannot be disassembled. Metal construction, can not be dissassembled. Introduced in the 1930's the lightweight and easily concealable German made PPK automatic was made famous by the British spy, James Bond. In real life it was a very popular pistol among German officers if they could get their hands on one. The PPK pistol has been used by police forces around the world. With a black finish and measuring 7 inches in length, this replica firearm is constructed of metal and cannot be disassembled. Featuring moving parts with working slide action as well as a removable clip.

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