Front Firing Blank Guns

Front firing blank guns for military and police training, as well as theatrical / film productions. Front firing blank gun refers to how the gas is dispersed when the blank gun, pistol, or rifle is fired. With front firing blank guns, the barrel is open allowing all gases are discharged through the front (barrel) of the blank gun. These blank guns have a red plug in the front of the barrel, that is easily seen looking at the blank gun from the front or side barrel view. The plug protrudes slightly (about 1/2 inch) out of the barrel and should not be removed. The red plug adheres to the US Department of Commerce specifications. This blank gun is perfect for the film, theatrical. No need for CGI on this blank gun. Front firing blank guns come in a variety of your favorite styles including automatic, semi-automatic, revolvers, and rifles. Front firing blank guns are also perfect for military and police training exercises. Whether you are looking for an UZI, or revolver Replica Armory Direct is your source for blank gun purchases.