Medieval Swords

“When the swords flash, let no idea of love, piety, or even the face of your fathers move you.”

Swords were first developed in what is now known as the Middle East as a natural extension of the dagger. The oldest known examples of these relics have been found in Turkey, dating from 3300BC.  These beautiful, dangerous and intriguing artifacts have been the subject of fiction, poetry, and film, so it's easy to understand the allure of owning your own replica swords.  We carry a broad variety of collectable replica swords, from bejeweled pirate swords to fanciful science-fiction decorative swords.  While the items sold by Movie Replicas Direct feature an edge, it should be noted that all of them are designed as purely decorative swords (in other words, don’t expect to go all Inigo Montoya on anyone). 

Movie Replicas Direct offers a selection of reasonably-priced Medieval replica swords and other items related to this fascinating historical period.  We understand that purchasing pirate swords or decorative swords of any type online can be hard, and that's why we encourage people to give us a call at 888.698.7767 (9AM-5PM EST, M-F) with any questions.