Modern Non-Firing Replica Guns

"Walther PPK, 7.65 millimetre. Only three men I know use such a gun. I believe I've killed two of them."

"Lucky me."

Looking for replica guns to add to your collection or to use in films and stage productions?  Movie Replicas Direct has the absolute best in Replica AK47 rifles, replica Beretta pistols, and other ready-to-go prop weapons that can be used out of the box.  Take a look at our replica Beretta, perfect for reenacting Cold War spy chases or simply placing in a display case as a part of your collection.  No matter what you're looking for, Movie Replicas Direct offers a diverse selection of replica guns that will certainly make your quest fun and easy.

Our selection of modern guns and assault rifle replicas will fit any collector's cave! These replicas are made from a metal alloy called Zi-Cam (similar to pot-metal) Wood stocks are made of wood, and the models weight approximately what their real counterpart's weigh.

The staff at Movie Replicas Direct takes our customers’ interests as seriously as they do and we want you to come back again and again.  That's why we offer major-retailer service with the feel of a small collectibles shop.  If you have any questions about a replica AK47 or another of our replica guns, give us a call at 888.698.7767 (9AM-5PM M-F) and we'll be glad to help you out.

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