Israeli Uzi Style 12 Shot Black Cap Gun

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Israeli Uzi Style 12 Shot Cap Rifle - Black FinishThis cap-firing, "Israeli Uzi" style rifle features realistic action, accurate detail, durable construction, and woven nylon sling. Good cap gun reproductions of modern firearms are extremely rare. Most are plastic and bright colored. This replica has the look as feel of the real thing, plus a unique ring-cap magazine mechanism. Release the catch and the drum magazine flips up from the top, load 12 Shot Ring Caps (not included) on to the magazine and close to fire!About the Manufacturer
Gonher has been building Die-Cast Metal Cap Guns since 1958. Globally recognized as the leader in durable, high quality toy guns, Gonher is a favorite among collectors. Whether you are giving a child a gift they will never forget or reliving your childhood, Gonher's cap guns are built-to-last.Features:
  • Die-Cast Metal Construction with Plastic Stock
  • Woven Nylon Sling
  • Fires 12 Shot Ring Caps(not included)
  • Decibel Level of Caps: 125dB (similar to a loud hand clap)
  • Length: 18.5"
  • Gun has the full orange tip as required by the law
  • Not convertible to shoot a projectile.
  • Ages 3+
  • Manufactured by Gonher in Spain
  • Warning: Cap Guns are not toys and should be treated like a real gun. Never point at any person and keep arm full extended when firing. Use under adult supervision.