Living Dead Dolls Blindbox Figures Series 1 Resurrection 12 Pack

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NOTE: Each display pack contains 12 figures. Because each master carton contains both chase and variant figures, one display pack may not guarantee a full set.

All sales are final on blindbox purchases.

A little terror goes a long way with The Living Dead Dolls Blindbox Figures: Resurrection Series 1. Fresh from the tomb, this series of figures features Walpurgis, Pumpkin, Calavera, Eggzorcist and Dawn .

Based on the resurrection and variant versions of the characters they feature the reimagined outfits and designs that have thrilled Living Dead Dolls fans, there are:
  • 2 versions of Pumpkin
  • 2 versions of Dawn
  • 2 versions of Calavera
  • 1 version of Walpurgis
  • 2 versions of Eggzorcist
An ultra rare mystery variant also lurks within, waiting to chill the blood of those who discover it.

Each of The Living Dead Dolls Blindbox Figures: Resurrection Series 1 stand 2inches tall and come in a sealed body bag and entombed in their own windowless box.