M1896 German Mauser Non-Firing Replica

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This 11.5 inch Broom Handled German Mauser is a realistic non-firing replica of the first successful automatic pistol. The C/96 broom handle was developed in 1896. This 1896 German Mauser 7.63mm was a favorite of Winston Churchill and used during both World Wars. While commonly carried by field troops in WWII, the Mauser has since been made famous in countless World War II movies and I'm sure you recognized it in the hands of Luke Perry in the hit movie The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis, as well as a modified version in Han Solo's hands in Star Wars among many other films. The Broom Handled German Mauser Automatic Pistol was the first automatic pistol that actually worked. At just over 11 inches, this non-firing German Mauser replica is perfect for stage, play or reenactments and the silver screen. Length: 11.5" Weight: 3.5lbs

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