Outlander Frasier Lambswool Scarf

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Item Description

The official Outlander© Scarf from the Fraser clan will bring out your inner Scotsman.

More than an Outlander scarf, this Fraser tartan scarf is a raised glass to Scottish culture. Its cloudlike softness serves the purpose of protecting your neck from the harshest winds of the Scottish Highlands, but you may have to carry a kebbie around to keep people's hands off of this masterfully woven 100% pure lambswool scarf.

The only thing better than putting on this beautiful scarf inspired by the Outlander TV show on Starz is having your beautiful other do it for you. But then, the thought of keeping it for themselves may pass through their minds, so you may want to reconsider.

Measures 12" x 70"


  • Registered Fraser tartan pattern
  • 100% lambswool
  • Made in Scotland