Warehouse 13 Pete Lattimer Animated Maquette #2

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Tesla-Toting Jokeste

Don't let Pete Lattimer's affable nature fool you. His partner Myka Bering will tell you there's no other Warehouse 13 agent she'd rather have covering her in the field. The vibes Pete picks up are often crucial in snagging, bagging and tagging the world's most dangerous artifacts.

Our 1:10 scale maquette shows Pete poised for action with:

  • Chiseled good looks.
  • Tailored black suit and blue dress shirt.
  • Polished black shoes made for high-speed pursuits.
  • Tesla in hand. His standard Secret Service Sig Sauer P229 just won't do.

The Warehouse 13 Pete Animated Maquette is cast in solid polystone and hand painted.

This lip-reading, cookie-loving, classic movie-quoting Warehouse 13 agent is offered in a 500-piece limited edition. Each statue is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.