Replica Gun and Blank Gun Construction

What Materials Are Used in the Constructions of Your Replica Guns and Rifles

The Denix replica Flintlocks, Guns, and Rifle replicas are made from a soft zinc metal alloy called Zicam. The outside of the replicas look much like the originals. They have triggers that pull, hammers that cock, cylinders that rotate, and some other functional parts. The Denix replicas do not have firing pins and cannot be made to fire blanks or real rounds. Doing so, will cause severe injury or even death. The Denix replicas have a red / orange resin plug in barrel identifying the replica as a replica in accordance to US Federal Law. Removal of the orange / red resin makes the replica illegal by US laws. The resin can be seen when looking at the replica from an angle or when looking down the barrel. The stocks, handles and grips of the Denix replicas vary in materials they are made from. The stocks are made from real wood. The wood grips on the old west guns are wood as well. If the grip looks wood, it most likely is. If the grip appears as anything but wood, they are constructed from a composite plastic. The look of the replica stops on the exterior of the replica. If broken down, the guts of the replica gun is nothing like the original the replica is made to represent.

Our Blank Guns are made from various metals. The metal is harder than the metal alloy used in the Denix and other replica gun construction.

The blank guns have a metal barrel and metal slides. They have functionality including a safety. The blank guns are top firing meaning the gases are blanks are discharged through top of the blank gun. The gas is discharged through a vent hole in the top of the blank gun. They have a firing pin for the blanks, but cannot be made to fire real rounds. Doing so will cause serious injury or death. Our blank guns are plugged and have an orange blaze at the front of the barrel in accordance with Federal Law. Most of the grips are constructed from a composite plastic unless otherwise specified in the order descriptions. The replicas are sturdier than their non-firing replica counterpart.