Seventh Doctor's Silk Scarf

Seventh Doctor's Silk Scarf
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    This seventh Doctor's Scarf is 100% Silk!
      • 100% Silk
        • 5'5" Long
        • 12" Wide

        That?s right, ladies and gentlemen, our precise replica 7th Doctor?s scarf is made from 100% silk, which means it?ll feel nice and soft against your neck for your next 7th Doctor cosplay. So if you?re looking for Doctor Who merchandise, look no further! Or perhaps you just want to look stylish in paisley. (The Doctor certainly looks good in it, don?t you think?) Not to knock the 5th Doctor or anything, but this scarf will look a lot better than a bit of celery on your lapel.

        This silk scarf goes perfectly with our 7th Doctor jumper and red handled question mark umbrella. We?ve been asked whether it?s an infinity scarf, and it?s not. It is an eternity scarf, however, which is similar but not the same. An infinity scarf is essentially a circle, so it goes on forever. An eternity scarf is one that has been to the Big Bang, the Big Crunch, and every moment in between. But then again, when you travel with a Time Lord, that?s got to be expected, really.

        Other things you expect when traveling with a Time Lord:

        • Running from Daleks
        • Brilliant sights of planetary wonder no one?s ever seen before
        • Running from Cybermen
        • Lots of running, actually

        You?ll also get some pretty awesome fashion ideas, one of which is this: paisley scarves are awesome, the Doctor is awesome, and if you wear this paisley scarf, you?ll be awesome too!

        Expected end of May 2015
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