Abbyshot - Dr. Who Seventh Doctor's Umbrella

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The Finishing Touch for a Doctor Who CosplayAh seventh incarnation. A bit of a silly one, if I recall. As the seventh Doctor, I tended to make, oh...what do you call them? Dundrearyisms? "A bird in the hand keeps the Doctor away," that sort of thing. I'm much less silly now, of course, though I do miss the question mark umbrella a bit? It was just so handy, you know. I recall one time when Mel and I were at the Paradise Towers, it was quite useful tripping those dreadful Kangs. And there was that time it kept me from tumbling off that cliff of ice.It's also quite useful for keeping one dry, of course, for measuring things, and for grabbing attention when making a point. The colorful red question mark handle never fails to catch the eye, and the interior ribs are made from solid glass fiber, so you never need to worry about those gusty days. The rod itself is metal, and black polyester fabric will protect you from the elements. I tried to get the folks at AbbyShot to use this lovely Sontaran force field I pinched from the potato heads the last time I repelled their warships, but they reminded me that that's far too advanced for your timestream. Which is a good point, actually. Forget I mentioned them.In any case, this red-handled question mark umbrella is the perfect finishing touch if you're cosplaying as the Seventh Doctor, which is to say, me!