Shot Heard Round World Non-Firing Flintlock Set

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On a spring day in 1775 the first shot of the American Revolutionary War was fired at the Battle of Lexington. The 1760 Scottish Flintlock pistol that started the war is masterfully represented in this non-firing replica and now available in a desirable box set presentation. This all-metal model has moving parts and a heavily detailed and beautifully embossed finish. A belt hook is in place on the left side for securing the pistol to the waistband. Rotate the pan, cock the hammer, and pull the trigger the hammer falls just as it did in that small Massachusetts town more than 230 years ago. This elegant and ornate replica represents one of the most significant moments in American history. This flintlock set Includes an 1760 Scottish Flintlock set in form fitting foam, identification plaque, Don't Tread on Me Flag, and inset story card.