Star Wars Emperor Palpatine with Royal Guards ArtFX+ Set

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Item Description

This three pack includes Emperor Palpatine himself along with two Royal Guards. The Royal Guards are from the same mold as the previously released ARTFX+ Royal Guard two pack, which makes this a great opportunity for fans and collectors who missed their chance to purchase this popular item.

Kotobukiya's next ARTFX+ statue is none other than Emperor Palpatine and the Royal Guards!

Emperor Palpatine is sculpted in in detail from his calculating face to the creases in his robe and texture on his iconic cane.

Display with ARTFX+ Stormtrooper Build Pack and ARTFX+ Darth Vader Cloud City version to reenact the Galactic Empire!

*Note: **Royal Guards are the same as the previously released ARTFX+ Royal Guard 2 Pack.