Star Wars Ep VIII EA-035 Floating Milennium Falcon PX Exclusive

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Item Description

A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Beast Kingdom's EA Magnetic Floating Series features patented wireless power transfer technology. After introducing the first iteration of the Millennium Falcon, Beast Kingdom is proud to present a new edition of the celebrated spaceship based on Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. The new model retains the original appearance of the Millennium Falcon with changes applied to various details such as the ship's mechanical structure, gunner's compartment, subspace radio and armaments according to the ship's latest configurations as shown in the movie.

The landing gear is the main difference that separates the first edition of the Millennium Falcon with the latest version: it enables the Millennium Falcon to stay level on top of a flat surface when not floating. Lastly, it's coupled with the Ahch-To planet (where Luke Skywalker exiled himself) shaped base with wireless power transfer feature, the new Millennium Falcon will be a perfect miniature of the fan-favorite spaceship whether it is activated or left in idle, making it a truly collector's item.