Star Wars Gold Leader Rebel Pilot Helmet

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Item Description

Jon "Dutch" Vander quickly earned a name for himself within the rebellion and rose to become Gold Leader. Vander led his squadron of Y-wings in many integral missions and battles, including a part in the Battle of Yavin and the assault on the first Death Star. Anovos is proud to offer the Star Wars Gold Leader Helmet Rebel Pilot Accessory. This offering is subject to both changes in availability and features. Please be advised that this item is neither a toy nor suitable for children. This article of costuming is meant for entertainment use only by adults, and does not offer protection.

Helmet Features

  • The helmet is assembled and ready to wear with weat hered finish and Gold Leader Squadron markings
  • Helmet was digitally scanned for exacting reproduction
  • Outer shell is made of ABS plastic and painted to duplicate the look of the original
  • asset
  • Interior is fully lined for a finished appearance including comlink boom and earcup cushions
  • Helmet size adjustment system ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Please note that most ANOVOS helmets fit up to a size 8 US hat size