The Walking Dead TV Series 6 Abraham Ford Action Figure

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From McFarlane Toys. McFarlane Toys is "walking" back into toy aisles with the sixth series of action figures based on AMC's The Walking Dead television series. So shut off the lights, turn on your fish tank full of walker heads, and take a look at the next series of AMC's The Walking Dead TV action figures, each with 22 points of articulation!

Introduced in season 4, Abraham Ford and his traveling companions are on route to Washington D.C. with valuable information pertaining to the outbreak. This former Sergeant in the U.S. army attempts to enlist the help of Glenn, and his companion Tara, on their quest to the capital. Abraham and his group end up joining Glenn in the search for Maggie and eventual trek to Terminus. This figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation, pistol, SMG, and combat knife.