US Tombstone Marshal AT Badge Replica

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Clay Calhoun was a Deputy U.S. Marshal for Arizona Territory, Tombstone District, and leader of a group of men known as "Outlaw Exterminators, Inc." In 1877, Calhoun rode out alone in pursuit of John Allman, a former U.S. Cavalryman who had gone on a mass killing spree that summer. Calhoun got his man. By the time the Earps arrived in Tombstone in 1879, Calhoun had moved on. Tombstone had been quieter while he was there. Shield with raised panels and cut out star. This antiqued US Tombstone Marshal AT Badge is a reproduction from existing originals in museums and private collections, the badges of the Old West are crafted in silver-plated solid brass with sturdily-mounted pin fasteners.

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