Western Marshal Deadwood Badge Replica

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Though most folks only recently heard of Deadwood through the TV series, this town was well known in its day by most folks traveling west via northern states. After the murder of Wild Bill Hickok and acquittal of Jack McCall, the leading citizens of Deadwood decided they needed law and order and set up a Town Marshal in 1876, 3 days after Wild Bill fell. Isaac Brown was elected the first Deadwood Marshal. Unfortunatly, after only two weeks in office Isaac's career ended when he, Preacher Smith, Charles Mason, and Charles Holland were killed by the Lakota Indians returning to Deadwood from Crook City. A miner's court elected Con Stapleton as the new Marshal shorly after. This reproduction is from existing originals in museums and private collections. The badges of the Old West are crafted in antiqued gray finish and a sturdy mounted pin fastener.