World War II M1 Rifle Bayonett Replica

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If you own a Denix made M-1 Garand Replica rifle then this is what you have been waiting for to add to your World War II collection. This 14 inch Garand bayonet is made exclusively for the Denix M-1 Garand Replica Infantry Rifle. This bayonet slides right into place under the barrel and fits tight with no movement. Be advised it is a non-locking bayonet so it will not "lock" into place it will slide on the end of your Denix rifle and is made for display. Overall length is 14 and 1/4 inches, blade length is 9 and 3/4 inches and has a weight of about 1 pound. In 1944-1946 many of the models used in both the World War I and II, were adapted to reduce the length of the blade because of the problems they had originated . Depending on who made the change, you can find various types on the finishes of the tips. The wooden grips were changed into black or red handled plastic.